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Barke Bonom Group d.o.o. is a family company established in 2006 and until 2012 it has been engaged in the representation, production and sales of motor yachts and consulting in the field of nautical and nautical tourism. Since 2012, most of the business is related to consulting in various business areas for
strategic and development projects, change management projects, retail projects, business process optimization, and optimization of procurement processes and cost optimization. The company's consulting is also done in the field of nautical, marina, nautical tourism, destination management and real estate investment. Using its own know-how and business networking, it integrates the services of relevant experts from domestic and international companies from different areas with the aim of providing knowledge-based and competence-based services and proven experiences without losing feelings for understanding local opportunities and needs.


The founder of the company is Bruno Bonifačić, nowadays acting Executive Director. His business career is largely related to managerial or consulting positions, with the fact that all the finished jobs were related to adjusting organizational changes to the environment, development projects, investment projects, sales projects and the implementation of new technologies and business solutions.
The variety of profiles of the companies he collaborated enabled him to have a wealth of business experience in the country and abroad, in larger and smaller environments, to make complex business decisions, as well as to create his own business networking that successfully utilizes in his work.
His lifelong experience, competences, years of managerial experience, management experience in large and small systems, entrepreneurial experience, teamwork experience, motivation and professionalism can fully respond to the expectations and demands of different client profiles.

Past professional experiences:

Director of the Sector of Technical and Commercial Affairs
(Central Procurement, Director of Costs, Investment Management,
Facility management, Space management, security...


Chairmen of the Board
( Tourism, nautical tourism services )


BRAVO SOLUTION, Supply Management Excellence – Milano- IT

Regional advisor for SEE

(Bravo Solution is a worldwide consulting consultant in the field of public
procurement and procurement processes, cost control, supply management,
investment management)


APMAN TAYLOR International Group - Milano- IT

Advisor to the Real Estate Tourist Residential Project
(Chapman Taylor is one of the leading international companies in the field
Architecture, urban planning and interior design)

OPTIMA d.o.o., Buje – RH –

General Manager and Member of the Management Board

(Representative of Olivetti IT equipment; Engineering and equipping of financial institutions)

PEVEC d.d. Sesvete/ Zagreb – RH

Director of Strategic Development and Process Improvement

(Business Process Enhancement, Cross-Business Unit Projects, Proposing and implementing strategic development projects)

DOMUS d.o.o. Rijeka – RH

Commercial Director
(Retail and wholesale furniture and furnishing company)


YARD Gmbh, Wien, Austria –

Director of the company
(Representation of foreign companies, manufacturers of equipment and
machinery in the field of packaging and food industry, wholesale of paper and

BARKE BONOM GRUPA d.o.o., Zagreb – RH

Executive Director
(Consultancy services)

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